Hi! I’m Molly - a yoga + mindfulness teacher, holistic health coach, plant lady, dog mama, and the face behind all things Soulbeam Wellness. I offer private yoga + coaching sessions and create high vibe health + lifestyle content geared to help you align with your most radiant self. 


I created Soulbeam to share my own raw and constantly evolving wellness journey. For years, I struggled with an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression. It wasn’t until I stepped into my first yoga class that I was able to really surrender + begin to heal. One savasana at a time, I reconnected with my physical being and slowly repaired the relationship I had with my body. The profound benefits that yoga illuminated in my life got me interested in other things that allowed me to experience heartfelt embodiment + joy: pranayama, kundalini, meditation, art, energy work, nourishing myself with yummy plant-based foods, and so many more. 


These explorations in what it meant to feel good in my body + in my life led me to pursue my Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in clinical mental health counseling, where I practiced art therapy with clients who were also exploring what being well meant to them. I found that by giving myself permission to be vulnerable and seen, I also allowed my clients to do the same. The power that came from this kind of collective healing sparked within me an even deeper desire to share. From there, I completed my 500-hr yoga teacher training and recieved my Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 


I come into this work from a place of pure heart, love, and light. My goal is to nurture and guide, so that you can become your own guru and get to a place of truly loving + accepting the magical human that you already are.