Choosing Healing

Yoga came into my life at a time when I was in the fierce grips of an eating disorder. I was quite literally at war with my body, aching to find some sense of peace and self-love again. I remember those early days of recovery, going to yoga on the reg + trying desperately to heal myself – full of loneliness, grief, acceptance, surrender.

After years of practicing + reawakening, I came to realize that my life hadn’t been transformed by this stardust magic alone. Yoga made me feel good because it made me better at feeling. It catapulted my process of opening up to the full spectrum of our human experience - the beautiful and the raw. I began to give myself permission to actually feel all of the feels, whatever came up in the moment, and honor it without judgement. With every small step toward self-compassion, I nurtured and re-built the fucked up relationship I had with my body for so long.

Ever since diving deep into this work, I’ve felt a crazy strong pull to share my journey with others. More than anything, I just want to hold all of my struggling babes out there and say - I promise that it won’t always be this hard, that love for your body isn’t out of reach, that healing is possible.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m nowhere near perfect. But the fact that I can be wounded + still choose kindness, lost + still choose faith, scared as hell + still choose softness - it means that there is still so much hope to be had.

And this is where the sharing comes. I truly feel like my purpose on this earth is connecting with others and collectively creating more room for the light to seep in. So, will the path to health + alignment be really damn hard at times? Uhhhh, yeah. Will the vulnerability + discomfort it brings be a huge step into the unknown? For sure. But will it be worth it? Without a fucking doubt.

I see you. I feel you. I love you. We’re in this weird and wondrous thing together.