Loving Lately

I've been all about the cozy, wellness, self-care vibes lately. I mean, what's new? From my go-to WFH attire, to my favorite vegan treats, here is everything I've been loving this month :)

Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth, $49.95

I’m obsessed with my Hydro Flask. Drinking water is 1000x easier when you look cute doing it :) I’m trying to get in at least 100oz a day, so I fill mine up 3 times throughout the day!

Van Halen T-Shirt Dress, $39

I’m 100% on board with the oversized shirt + bike short trend. This shirt has been one of my fave quarantine purchases - perfect for lounging at home, but also looks cute for a quick trip to TJ’s :)

Birkenstock Waterproof Slide Sandal, $44.95

Speaking of cute quarantine looks, these Birks are a daily staple for me. They’re my ‘dog walking’ shoes (lol) so I love that I can just rinse them off and they’re good as new!

Everlane Face Mask 5-Pack, $25

It took me months to find the perfect masks - ones that actually fit, felt comfortable, and looked cute. I hopped on these Everlane tie-dye ones before they sold out and they are literally THE BEST.

GoMacro Bars (12-pack), $34.95

GoMacro is my OG favorite protein bar. They’re vegan, which is surprisingly hard to find in a high quality bar, and the taste/texture is unreal. I love every flavor, but the best are Maple Sea Salt and PB Chocolate Chip :)

<3 <3 <3