Morning Rhythms

My mornings are SACRED. I’ve always been an early riser and the wee hours of the day are my absolute favorite - the stillness, the quiet, the chance to start fresh. Even though I’ve been a morning person for most of my life, I didn’t establish a solid morning routine until relatively recently. Now, I’m low-key obsessed with starting my day in the most grounded + calm way possible. After playing around with a few routines/practices, I think I’ve perfected the chillest morning rhythm ever:


  • Wakey wakey! I get up naturally anywhere between 5:30 + 6:30am (I know, I’m a psycho). I’ll usually set my alarm just in case around 6:15am unless Winn (@winnthecorgi) wakes me up earlier :) we head out for a lil walk first thing. He usually wants to stay outside for .5 seconds so he can get back inside asap to snuggle with Will! Once we’re home + Winn is back in bed, I do a quick tongue scrape, rinse my mouth, and head to my at-home studio for some yoga.


  • Yoga + meditation! I do a slow 20 min flow with extra core work + 10 min of meditation on Insight Timer EVERY morning. I pretty much do the same flow everyday, but might change it up a bit depending on what my body’s needing. I always do 10 sun salutations to wake my ass up and it works like a charm.


  • Shower or dry shampoo time, depending on my mood :) I’m super regimented about my skincare routine, so regardless of whether or not I wash my hair, I always use the same skincare line-up. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser → Youth to the People Superfood Moisturizer → Acure Rejuvenating Eye Cream → Thayers Coconut Water Toner → Cocokind My Matcha under the eyes → Cocokind Chia Facial Oil. Once skin care + hair are done (I’m soooooo low key), time for hydration + FOOOOOD.


  • Water/Supplements/Brekkie. I always drink a huge bottle of water in the morn (40 oz). I take an Omega 3, Thrive Multivitamin, D3, B12, Ashwagandha, and Garden of Life Probiotic. I know that supplements are really controversial, but this is what works for me! For breakfast, I’m pretty simple. I love a big old bowl of fruit (bananas/berries/dates/whatever's in season) + nut butter, yogurt + grain-free granola, or a huge ass smoothie. And, of course, a lil coffee. I add a splash of almond milk + vanilla stevia.

This is what a typical work morning looks like. If it’s the weekend and I have extra morning time, I might throw in some reading + journaling + more puppy cuddles. My non-negotiables, however, are definitely light (going outside, opening up the shades), movement (yoga, walking Winn), and hydration. You’ll notice that I don’t mention my phone at all. I avoid looking at my phone for AT LEAST 1-2 hours after waking up. I’ll use the Insight Timer app when I meditate and might listen to a podcast when I’m getting ready/eating breakfast, but NO social media or emails. This has been so beneficial for my anxiety and my mood throughout the day.

I’ve found that having a set of balanced morning habits sets such a good tone. I’ve felt so much more productive, easygoing, and peaceful since being more consistent with mine, especially in quarantine. It’s not going to be perfect right away, but it’s fun to play around with what vibes with you + what doesn’t. I encourage you to think about what feels good in your body + slowly add in small things. Decide on one baby step and start there, whether that’s adding in more water first thing, taking a walk around the block, doing morning pages, or actually sitting down for breakfast. Prioritize what works for you + focus on that :)