What the Hemp!

You probably won’t find a $16 smoothie or acai bowl without these beautiful babies piled on - but what the heck actually are hemp seeds? Cultivated from the edible part of the hemp plant, these little guys pack a big punch - full of calcium, protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, and a unique fatty-acid profile that includes omega-3, omega-6, stearidonic + gamma linoleic fatty acids. Need I say more?

The health benefits and endless culinary uses for hemp seeds make them way worth the hype. Especially as someone who doesn’t eat animal protein, using hemp in creative ways has helped me fill some major holes in my diet. I mean, 1 serving can get me in 11 freakin grams of protein! Not to mention, they add the perfect amount of texture and interest in my go-to staple meals.

Here are my fave ways to sneak them in:

  • Adding to guacamole with heirloom tomato/mango chunks, onion + chia seeds - so good!

  • On top of yogurt, oatmeal + smoothie bowls (of course)

  • Ground down for a no-filler, sugar-free, delicious vegan protein powder

  • In mashed cauliflower (don’t knock it til ya try it)

  • Combined with fresh pesto, nutritional yeast, avo oil, lemon juice + brown rice pasta

  • DIY salad dressing with tahini, olive oil + a squeeze of lemon

  • Piled on top of a perfectly ripe ½ avocado with EBTB seasoning - spoon in and devour :)

I could literally go on and on. How do you incorporate this versatile superfood into your diet? I want to know!!